PM Toolkit


Property Management & Regulatory Compliance

All of your property related information can be uploaded or input directly into FOURSITE. Properties allows you to monitor property and regulatory compliance across your entire portfolio, creating a robust and easy to use audit, inspection and maintenance programme. 

You can monitor and maintain your physical assets and facilities in line with your regulatory obligations and all aspects of your property tenure is managed, such as Lease Details, Tenant Details, Service Charges, Rent Reviews and insurances.

FOURSITE's Survey module allows you to create any online form you need, helping you to manage your exposure to risk and comply with the latest legislation, whilst maintaining control of your properties, projects and programmes. 

From compliance & inspections to asset surveys, snagging and sign off schedules, to risk & opportunity reports and information required, you create the survey and assign to your properties and projects.

Targeted Risk Management

FOURSITE translates your surveys into editable tables enabling you to search and filter, combined with automated  messaging, directing you to where action and investment is needed most to mitigate the risk. Look-aheads are generated to enable work to be planned and instructed effectively and efficiently.

Properties is fully integrated with our Project Management module so that as work is scheduled and completed the property details will be updated accordingly

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