PM Toolkit


Project Governance & Control

Most projects undertaken by an organisation follow strict governance processes or gateways. A project's ability to meet these gateways or key events can be the difference between success, failure or missed opportunity.

We know the importance of accurate reporting, the implications of getting it wrong can be hugely costly. Conventional methods using standard business tools, such as Excel, have a valuable place and purpose but its inability to control access, distribution and versioning has always been a challenge. Teams, as a result, spend huge amounts of time trying to collate and make sense of this information. Not only is this inefficient and costly but it also allows for human error.

Powerful Online Project Management

We have reproduced Excel trackers and schedules into a robust online portal to enable distribution of this information to anyone, anywhere in the world on almost any device. Multiple users can work on the same project at the same time creating a live environment to manage your projects, programmes, resources and risk. As the data is entered or uploaded to the database, your Gantt charts, MI and Reports are automatically refreshed.

With all teams linked to the same environment the information is truly
‘One Version of the Truth’.

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