PM Toolkit


Cost Management

FOURSITE Commercial has been designed to allow an upload of your cost schedule or bill of quantities into the portal. Sections of your costs can be grouped into procurement packages and can be distributed for pricing. The returns can be analysed to support supplier selection.

The package procurement dates are tied back to the programme so you can ensure that you are delivering the procurement solution aligned to the programme demands.

Commercial Reporting

FOURSITE Reports will communicate risks and opportunities against the budget providing a platform for them to be appropriately managed, ensuring no surprises. Any shift to the procurement dates will notify the PM of impact to the programme and, conversely, any shift to the programme notified to the package manager / QS to maintain alignment between supply and demand.

Cash flows and Earned Value reports are generated and are kept live to present the best possible estimate of the following; Established project cost to date; Anticipated final cost of the project; Future cash flow; Risks and opportunities.

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