Online Trackers/Event Schedules

Process - 

Most projects undertaken by an organisation follow strict governance processes or gateways. A project's to ability meet these gateways or key events can be the difference between success, failure or missed opportunity. 

Solution - 

At the outset we generate a planned path for a project called a baseline. With the baseline set, project or event owners report the current forecasted date for completion. This allows projects to be performance managed and audited against the planned intent with actual completion dates also being recorded. A simple RAG status allows stakeholders to gain a very quick overview without having to understand the detail. 

Outcome - 

Thousands of projects in multiple programmes of work have been added across numerous Engineering and Energy initiatives with members of M&S supply chain remotely accessing and updating. New projects added directly to the online trackers with auto-populated dates based upon the typical project process timeline, creating a programme of work quickly and simply.

Live management reports and Gantt programmes present visibility of progress and risk to the management team.

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