Clash Reporting

Process - 

The consolidation of project information across multiple internal and external stakeholders in order to highlight where projects clash on site. The simple report format allows for a completely transparent view of all activity highlighting clash.

Managing Clashes - 

Using the FOURSITE Projects portal, no matter which programmes you are viewing, clashes with other projects in the same property or location are identified in the bottom window. Teams are quickly able to evaluate projects and intervene or place mitigation scenarios in place such as:-

Ignore - 

Segregation of works and communication may result in the risks being accepted or establishing no conflict between projects

Avoid - 

Through shifting or cancelling conflicting projects H&S risk, duplication or redundancy can be removed

Consolidate - 

Benefit driven through reduced resource requirement and or subcontractor / consultancy fees by sharing resource or increasing the scope of one project

Report - 

Full programme visibility of all activity can be exported to a simple report highlighting clashes and communication channels. The report also incorporates a simple Gantt chart presenting where, and to which, projects there is cross over.

Future Planning - 

As a centralised consolidated activity planner stakeholders are also able to take advantage of planning for the future. By pro-actively looking to consolidate intended projects or by targeting periods of inactivity to deliver schemes

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