Contractor Operating Globally

One of the UK's largest construction companies, delivering portfolios of work for some of the world's largest brands on a global scale, engaged FOURSITE to create visibility of their projects and drive value right across its supply chain and internal teams with a programme management solution.

Scenario - 

The contractor has seen massive growth in the industry through strategic acquisition and organic growth, delivering over 1,500 projects a year for clients. With disparate and remote teams they had difficulty in maintaining total visibility of their programmes and understanding resource utilisation and supply chain risk.

Solution - 

At FOURSITE we implemented a multi stage approach. The first of which was to review current programme information against their desired reporting strategy. Information was collated across 100 client accounts and then consolidated to give a holistic picture of projects, resource, health and safety, supply chain and commercial information. We were then able to recreate management reports at various levels and functions within the organisation to demonstrate their performance and risk.

As result of the success of stage one, and our client's desire to innovate - not only for themselves but also by adding value to their clients - a second stage was commissioned. This was to transform this way of working into a bespoke online solution, providing access to information and reports from anywhere in the world.

The MD had end-to-end visibility of all projects, from speculative status on their CRM system to closing out defects on FOURSITE. He was able to consolidate his resource across all offices and reduce the number of Freelance managers, saving tens of thousands of pounds over the year. In addition, he had better visibility of project allocations to supply chain across the UK enabling him to generate savings based on volume whilst mobilising contractors against a clearer volume of projects.

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